Oleochemicals Are Key To Our Sustainability

Australia is a world leading producer of canola oil and we like to make the most of this fantastic resource. We manufacture a range of products based on canola oil:

  • Methyl and ethyl esters. Used in agricultural adjuvant formulating, biobased lubricant formulations, cleaning preparations (Trilube 118, Trilube 128).
  • Glycerol esters for food processing defoamers, dispersing aids, dispersing agent (Trisol 218, Trisol 219)
  • Lubricant and release agent formulations (Biosaw, Trisol EE).

We also produce a range of polyol esters as biodegradable and renewable replacement for mineral based lubricants. These products are used in the formulation of lubricants such as high flash hydraulic fluids, metal working fluids and transformer oils (Trilube 238, Trilube 258).

Our range of surfactants and emulsifiers also contains a range of oleochemical esters.

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