Coatings & Construction

Specialty Additives For Paint & Construction

Tri-Tech Chemical Company is committed to supplying world class, sustainable solutions for our customers products and processes in the coatings and construction industries.

  • Locally manufactured surfactants, oleochemical esters. Applications include wetting agents, release agents, curing compounds, anti-efflorescence additives.
  • Extensive foam control range “FOAM XTract” – developed and made in Australia. We understand how important surfactants are in your formulation, but that this often comes at the cost of problematic foams. Let us help to burst your bubble!
  • Rheology modifiers. Through our exclusive technology partner Lamberti  we offer an extensive range of rheology modifiers to the coatings, adhesive and construction product markets.  The Lamberti range also includes air entrainment and polyurethane binders.

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