Foam Control

Foam Control Range

Industries are evolving to higher performing products and technologies, requiring equally high performing foam control agents.

The launch of the FOAM XTract range is an exciting new direction for Tri-Tech Chemical Company. We offer an extensive range of Australian manufactured products for control of foam in all industrial applications.

The FOAM XTract range consists of the following products:

  • Series 1 – Mineral oil based
  • Series 2 – Light Hydrocarbon based
  • Series 3 – Water based
  • Series 5 – Polyether based
  • Series 6 – Multiple
  • Series 7 – PDMS emulsion based
  • Series 9 – BIO Oil based

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Tri-Tech offer eco-friendly products with high activity control against micro and macro-foam. We offer individual analysis of your subject fluid and determination of the best foam control agent for a highly functional and cost effective solution.

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