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Chemicals For Mineral And Industrial Processes

Wetting agents, processing aids, surfactants, emulsifiers, lubricants – our industrial chemicals find a home in most industries.

Tri-Tech Chemical Company is Australia’s leading producer of sulfosuccinate surfactants. These products find widespread use in dewatering of minerals, substrate wetting for inks and coatings, textile dying and dust suppression.

Our oleochemical esters and emulsifiers are commonly used in the formulating of coatings, cleaners, textile auxiliaries, construction admixtures, defoamers, water treatment chemistry and other industrial processes.

The success of Tri-Tech Chemical Company in the industrial chemicals sector can largely be attributed to our strong focus on manufacturing capabilities. Apart from our range of locally manufactured chemical products we offer a range of traded chemicals to our customers including specialty oleochemicals, new green solvents and surfactants and more. We also blend a range of custom products for customers from the agricultural, lubricant, construction, adhesives and coatings sectors.

Our reaction capabilities allow us to produce a range of esters, succinates, sulfonates and amides.

Contact us for more details on these capabilities. Batch quantities available range from 100 pilot reactor to 25,000 litres.

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