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Tri-Tech Chemical Company

We are an Australian based chemical company servicing clients locally and globally in the mining, agricultural chemical, construction chemical and lubricant markets.

Over 35 years the company has developed its manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with a range of quality products based on chemical reactions, including esters, sulfonates, succinates, and many other organic salts.

Recently Tri-Tech has added the “FOAM XTract”  products to its range of specialty chemicals.

In addition to our manufactured products, we work with other world class chemical producers to offer a range of traded specialty chemicals to our customers. We are very proud to be the exclusive agents for the Lamberti  range of rheology modifiers, specialty additives and Agricultural chemical formulants.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer customers products specific to their needs. If we do not have an existing product which meets the needs of our customer, we can assist in the development and manufacturing of a new product. We are also able to offer confidential third party manufacturing for chemical products.

Many of the products manufactured by Tri-Tech Chemical Company utilise renewable resources such as canola and other vegetable oils. These products are finding increasing acceptance in industry as replacements for traditional petrochemical solvents and lubricants due to their improved biodegradability and toxicity profiles.


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