Rheology Modifiers & Additives

Specialty Additives For Paint & Construction

As the exclusive agent for Lamberti’s rheology modifiers and polyurethane dispersion ranges in Australia, we can provide the following specialty additives.

Natural Thickeners

Rheology Modifiers Polysaccharide Derivatives

Esacol ED 50X

Very high viscosity HPG with very high yield in low PVC paints.

Esacol 55 M/U

(CTA) especially for cement tile adhesive where open time should be extended up to 30 minutes.

Esacol MX 155

Self Levelling flooring. It is a viscosity regulator with anti-settling properties.

Esacol ED 30X

Very high viscosity HPG with pseudoplastc behaviour.

Synthetic Thickeners

Rheology Modifiers ASE (non-associative)

Viscolam 600

Medium shear thickener with anti spattering and anti settling properties.

Viscolam 635

Mid – high shear thickener with high leveling  anti spattering properties.


Rheology Modifiers HEUR (associative)

Viscolam PS 170 Air

Highly effective KU Builder, VOC/SVOC & solvent free. Excellent colour development and in-can stability.

Viscolam PS 202

High Shear ICI Builder with Newtonian behaviour, VOC/SVOC & solvent free

Polyurethane Dispersion & Air Entraining

Air Entraining Agent

Esapon 12/14

Plaster, coloured rendering, siloxane & silicate pastes.


Poly-Urethane Dispersion

Esacote PU 148

Pyrrolidone free co-polymer suitable for flooring & high-quality paints

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