Eco-Friendly lubricants and solvents from renewable resources.

Environmentally friendly lubricants and solvents from renewable resources – replace your petrochemical products with our range of oleochemical esters.

Our range of oleochemical esters can be used as solvents in applications such as inks and coatings, degreasing, grafitti removal, cleaning and personal care products.

Our range of polyol esters are readily formulated into a wide range of lubricating applications, including metal working and hydraulic fluids. The products are fully biodegradable, have extremely good lubricating performance and are cost competitive.

We can offer blending of lubricant or solvent formulations to meet the highest standards.

Lubricants and Solvents

The success of Tri-Tech Chemical in the Industrial Chemicals sector can largely be attributed to its strong focus on manufacturing capabilities. Aside from its own range of and chemical products and technologies, Tri-Tech Chemical produces reacted chemical products for some of the world's leading chemical companies. We also blend a range of custom products for customers from the agricultural, lubricant, construction, adhesives and coatings sectors.

Our reaction capabilities allow us to produce a range of esters, succinates, sulfonates and amides. Contact us for more details on these capabilities. Batch quantities available range from 300 (Pilot scale) to 25,000 litres